About Us

Our Vision

What could be more important and powerful than identifying people that are in need and having the ability to help them by providing life-changing solutions to their problems?

Personally, there is no greater feeling than making a difference to people in need, and when you put yourself in a position to help the rewards are enormous. If you can solve another humans problem, well, you’re winning. This way of thinking has kept me in business for the last 30 years, and I’m not changing this formula…ever.

Our goal is to help people breathe better and live their lives the way we all should be able to, without barriers. Turboforte™ Lung Physio is a drug-free medical device that every lung on earth can benefit from. 

My Story

Tim in Surf Buggy

When I was 14 years old, I learnt that I needed to make a change. My Identical twin brother and i were pretty wild and I was heading down the wrong path in life. We were lucky though. We were introduced to Surf Lifesaving and became competitive surf boat rowers. This gruelling sport demanded teamwork, discipline, and or course a very high level of fitness.

Most of all, surf lifesaving taught me the importance of giving back to the community, to stand on the beach and protect all beach-goers. I love the feeling of giving back as a volunteer, and that hasn’t changed in 41-years of active patrol service.

During this time, I have been fortunate enough to personally save 18 lives in the surf. As you swim towards a person in need of help, you see them gasping for what could possibly be their last breath, literally on the brink of life and death and it alters your perception and appreciation for life itself. It was this experience that showed me firsthand that breath is life. I was pumped that I could make a “life-changing” difference.

Those 18 lives saved in the surf as a lifeguard galvanized my mission, which has now become to rescue 18 million lives. Turboforte™ Lung Physio is my pathway to achieving that goal.

One of the beneficiaries we support, the Faith, Hope, and Love Children’s Foundation of Australia and in the Philippines is a worthy cause that provides food, shelter and education to children in need. 

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